When Christmas Changed for Me

In 2013 I honestly believed every word I wrote in The Magic Flower. Since then I have learned the value of the Messianic point-of-view, which is very much a biblical view of God’s word! Far more so, I’ve found, than the Christian teachings I grew up with.

Called Out of the Church

I was in the midst of serving in one of the largest Baptist churches in the world as an online prayer host in an international ministry when I felt Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) call me out of the church. I have since learned that many of us were called out! I’ll address this in detail in future posts. For now, you can find quite a bit of information that details my reasoning in my Torah! Torah! Torah! Facebook group.

Same Message of Salvation

Let me be very clear about one thing, however: The Good News of salvation is the same! There is definitely some controversy about what we are saved to: 1. freedom from the Torah (most commonly, but not necessarily accurately translated Law) or 2. freedom to be in relationship with Adonai (God, Master), as He instructed us in the Tanakh (“Old Testament”) via His Torah (Holy Instructions). But the message of salvation to be in relationship with God through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) is the same.

Richness of Relationship

By embracing the lasting ordinances (PERMANENT instructions) given to us by our Abba (Father), the richness of our relationship with Him is vastly enhanced! I would now not be willing to return to the traditional replacement theological way of worshiping Adonai.

However, God controls His timing with each of His children, and I do not wish to presuppose that the work He has done through the church in spreading His Good News is now to be dispensed with across the board. That’s for Him to decide, not me. There is, after all, scriptural precedence in Gentiles being grafted into the Root, while some of the original branches (the non-believing Jews) were cut off. These same Gentiles were cautioned against arrogance toward those cut-off branches, for those arrogant grafted branches (non-Jewish believers) could be cut off themselves, and the original branches grafted back in again. (See: Romans 11:11-24 TLV)

The Magic Flower was written a few years before I was called out of the church and into the Messianic synagogue (shul). The message of salvation is pretty much the same in my story, but at the time I believed Christmas was the time of Jesus’ birth, Jesus was our Savior’s name, and Sunday was God’s chosen day for church worship. Sound familiar to you? Well, in short, there’s much evidence that our Savior’s birth was more likely in September-October, His name, or at least a usable derivative of it, was Yeshua, and the Sabbath has ALWAYS been Saturday, a day to be dedicated to God. Oh, and the word “church” is solely a Greek concept. Substitute the word “congregation” or “community” from the Hebrew kehilah and imagine how much improved our world would be! There’s so much to blog about here!

Bottom Line

The message of salvation in The Magic Flower is still valid. However, it’s no longer a genre that I espouse. I have an inventory of books that need good homes. The books can still be enjoyed with purpose by all English-speaking/reading families. So I’m giving them away. By simply helping me out with the cost of shipping and handling, you can receive as many copies as you’d like. I hope this is a blessing to you.

Love to all,


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