What I’m Working On Now

A natural weaver (not exactly a multi-tasker, but a several-things-at-the-same- time-doer), I’m working on three things right now:

Leader’s Guide for The Magic Flower. This will be a free PDF that you can download. It will remain on the site until my inventory is depleted (see Home announcement). This guide will be helpful for Sunday School teachers and parents in using The Magic Flower for all kinds of integrated subjects. Some of the things will include:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Multi-cultural Christmas celebrations
  • Sharing and caring
  • Vocabulary
  • Art
  • Natural science
  • Mythology
  • Personal expression
  • Family love

Do I have to mention that the Leader’s Guide really does need the books to go with it? Of course I don’t.

The Magic Flower Skit. This is a cute skit based on The Magic Flower that can be performed for the entire church. It’s flexible enough to be done simply on a low budget or extravagantly on a high budget. Personally, I like the low-budget option better. But I come from a mega-church background, so I understand how this could practically turn into a movie version of the book! Whichever way you choose to produce it, the skit is free for the download. You’ll need copies of the book to go with your production, but since I’m giving them away (yet, having to charge for S&H), this is definitely a delightful skit your whole church is bound to enjoy for little expense.

I’ll announce when these projects are completed.

Novels. A trilogy, actually. For adults and maybe young adults. I’m still ironing out the main title for the three of them, but the sub-heads will be Faith, Hope, Love. Each novel’s genre is supernatural Messianic, but each book will have it’s own theme setting: Historical fiction, Healing/Detective fiction, and Romantic fiction. There is a LOT of research required for each scene of each of these books, and this is a very early work in progress. So don’t start looking for them yet. I’ll keep you updated as each book nears completion. If I were to make a guess about the release of the first one, I’d say 2021. Maybe. I hope. Prayers appreciated!

As the saying goes, all in good time!

What are some of you doing?

The Magic Flower by Kat Christian

UPDATE: The Free Book special for 2019 is now closed. However, if you are still interested in obtaining a signed copy, please send me an email here, and I’ll send you one within a week of a completed order.

As mentioned in my “When Christmas Changed for Me” post, I am no longer writing books with a distinctively, traditionally “Christian” theme. That doesn’t mean I’m not a believer in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah)! I invite you to visit that particular post for clarification and details.

In the meantime, I do have several copies of The Magic Flower available to give away. See announcement on the Home page for give-away details. This offer is available only while supplies last. And in case you aren’t already familiar with The Magic Flower by Kat Christian, here’s some information I think you’ll find useful:

A flower! For Christmas?
What kind of weird gift is this?
Adrian started to get annoyed.

The Magic Flower is a charming and fun story of Adrian and his little sister Julia, who received a mysterious “magic flower” from their step-grandmother for Christmas. With two green tongue-looking things sticking out of a couple of ugly bulbs, it surely didn’t look magical! But only four days after its arrival, amazing things began to happen as the magic of the true meaning of Christmas started to bloom.

Where to Buy

Yes, these are still available via the following online bookstores:

Paperback Only
Xulon Press

Paperback Option
Barnes & Noble

Most reviews available on Amazon

Here’s an interesting observation: Depending on how many books you might want to receive, and if you have a qualifying free shipping option on any of these sites, it might be less expensive for you to order from the site! But I do have quite the inventory that can be obtained by you helping me out with the shipping and handling. And if you’re local to the North Dallas, Texas area, you can pick up however many copies you’d like–within quantities available–for FREE! Contact me here if interested. And I will sign at least one copy for you (see Shipping & Handling Estimates below)! That’s something that’s always nice to have, but it’s only available from my own inventory. Oh! And I’ll include bookmarks for you as well. Also only available from me.


When available, I will post a couple PDFs that you might find very useful:

Leader’s Guide: This will help your child learn a variety of lessons from this book. Useful for both Sunday School teachers and parents. At least two copies of the book are needed to go with this Guide. (This will replace the promised Leader’s Guide referenced in the online purchased books.)

Church Skit: You’ll need copies of the book for this (one per voice/actor and a couple others for the stage crew), but it’s a great little skit that can be presented to the entire congregation!

Both of these extras are free for owners of The Magic Flower.

Shipping & Handling Estimates

These estimates are for shipping within the U.S. only. Rates to other countries will need to be arranged via email.

Per book


E-mail for larger quantity S&H estimates.

$5.00 per book doesn’t exactly sound free.

No, it doesn’t. But here’s what your $5.00 covers:

Cost of personal inventory: I paid between $2.50-$3 per copy myself.

Cost of shipping materials: In my case, padded envelopes — the brown kraft kind that won’t stick to the cover of the book. I bought mine a few years ago, but to give you an idea of the cost at today’s rates, each envelope costs around 52 cents.

Addressing the envelopes: Here we’re dealing mostly in time and energy on my part. I get your email with initial contact information, along with your request. I will follow up with you by email to obtain your mailing information. (FYI, I’m not able to do the drop-shipping thing. Sorry!) Then I’ll write your name and information on the envelope in preparation for mailing. (Cost of internet connection for this process is fairly impossible for me to calculate; let’s just say it’s negligible.)

Depositing your payment: Although I prefer money orders (they make life a LOT easier! And when receiving those, I can send your books a lot faster!), I still need to make a run (or for me, walk, as I have no vehicle and am past my “running” days) to the bank to deposit your check.

Take your books to the post office and pay the postage: This trip costs me $1.50, as the post office is a tad too far for me to walk these days. And if you’ll notice on usps.com, $5.00 doesn’t even cover first class postage for 9.6 oz. (two books), which is really necessary for the signed copies.

In other words, it costs me about $4.50 in addition to the cost of postage for each book! At first class rate, S&H totals $9.69 out of my pocket! Even at media mail rates, I’m personally out $7.25 per book. So, yeah. $5.00 per book is fair to ask for help, wouldn’t you agree?

But let’s make this a little nicer for you. Order two unsigned books, and I’m only asking $5.00. What can I say? I’m currently motivated to reduce inventory! Merry Christmas!

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