Susan Cannon

Susan Cannon is an author, a native Texan, a retired English teacher and business writer/editor, and a veteran of the landmines of life.

Hi, I’m Susan, author of the upcoming M’Rapa series.

I grew up in a Christian home but went to junior high and high school that were 75% Jewish. We loved it during the Jewish festival times, because the schools could not remain open with only 25% attendees. But what did I do? I attended the festivals (the ones I was allowed to) with my Jewish friends. So I grew up knowing there was a serious tie between Jew and Christian. But the churches I attended seemed to think otherwise.

Flash forward from the 1960s to 2018. Using the pen name of Kat Christian, I had already written and published my first book, which was originally intended as a Christmas gift for my step-grandkids. I was also attending a major Baptist church in Dallas, Texas, serving as a chat/prayer host for an online international ministry. I was known as Kat in that church and ministry, where I attended and served until the Lord moved me to focus more on the Messianic faith. Finally the connection between Jew and Christian becomes clear! So it made sense to go back to the name of my youth for this series — and maybe more!

Books I Am Writing

M’Rapa: Faith

M’Rapa is the feminine form of the Hebrew word for healer. This series focuses on a 33-year-old nurse who, in the midst of the worst day of her life, is given the gift of supernatural healing right in the midst of the deadliest storm in the history of Texas.

Angela Anderson Hope’s faith journey begins in South Carolina, where she is rescued by a Jewish couple from an intended sexual assault by her future brother-in-law. The couple, who have a surprising secret of their own, and Angela become friends, and it is in this friendship that she learns valuable tenets of her Christian faith from a Hebrew point of view.

M’Rapa: Hope

Stay tuned for description.

M’Rapa: Love

Stay tuned for description.